FrostBURG Cares

by The BURG Peer Education Network

we care.

More than just a mission, FrostBURG Cares is a way of life.

Created with love in mind.

FrostBURG Cares, originated with love in mind. From random acts of kindness, to spontaneous prizes, to listening to what YOU as a person wants for this campus - we care.

You Matter.

Your feedback is integral to us. Want a new activity on campus, want more alternatives? Or instead, perhaps you want to kickstart your own program. Through our Focus Groups, Forum, and Surveys hearing your thoughts matter to us.


Working together with other organizations is integral to FrostBURG Cares. From collaborating for events and activities, expresses the passion and dedication we have to our common goal.


Our efforts reach beyond the borders of our University, providing open arms is an important part of our mission. From volunteering, to just having respect is what counts.

Our Leadership Team

Our organization believes in promoting healthy choices on campus.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we get feedback from the community and incorporate it into our actions.


  • Surveys
  • Forum Feedback
  • Focus Groups
  • Analyze research


  • Outline projects
  • Create powerpoints
  • Brainstorm
  • Events and alternatives


  • Deploy activities
  • Random acts of kindness
  • You've Been Served
  • Quarterly checks on how we accomplish our goals

Our Work

Previous examples of the work BURG Peer Education Network has done

See Us In Action

Our mantra is caring, being kind, and having compassion. Below are examples of us doing just that.

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to join? Or want to collaborate on a new initiative? Contact us here!